Defining "Point of Arrival"

A Condominium building is a series of orchestrated impressions that reflect the community which occupies a space. At least this is the way we at De Style Design look at it. When starting to collaborate with any of our clients - we try to better understand the following variables:

Demographics of Community - who lives in the building and what do they see in a Home.

Analyse the existing metrics of the built environment - when was the building constructed? What is the governing architectural style of the existing space? Which elements can be salvaged / re-purposed in order to not lose the defining characteristics of existing building.

Understand the trend and rate of change in the surrounding area - "check out the competition".
Finally - we need to create a series of transitions - with definitive points of interest - arrival along the way.

What is a point of arrival? It is the place where you are compelled to stop and take in your environment. This is the spot you say "Wow"! This reaction can be achieved with a space that places the emphasis in the right area. It can be a uniquely designed Fireplace feature, a piece of furniture placed in the right spot or even a piece of artwork.

A Condominium Building - would typically have three main points of arrival:

Ground Floor Lobby area

Typical Corridor Elevator Landing

Entrance to each Suite Door

We carefully consider allocation of budget when we are planning any projects, in order to provide the best return on investment to the Corporations when undertaking a Refurbishment project.