Embarking on the refurbishment journey of this magnificent South Rosedale building, our foremost mission was to preserve a profound connection to its distinctive identity. As a distinguished complex catering to an exclusive group of residents, those who call this building home possess a keen appreciation for bespoke quality, understated elegance, and an unparalleled understanding of life's most refined offerings. Taking on this ambitious endeavor was no small feat, but we approached it with unwavering determination, and the satisfaction of our happy client at the project's conclusion stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment.
Navigating the intricate challenges of budget considerations in building renovations demanded an artful approach, requiring us to craft a complete design within the confines of strict financial parameters. To achieve this, we engaged in an intensive design process, collaborating closely with our client to explore a myriad of distinctive design solutions, ensuring a harmonious amalgamation of all elements within the space.
The transformative impact of subtle touches became evident throughout this enriching process. From modern crown molding adorning the ceilings to the allure of textured carpet finishes and the organic textures gracing the new lobby tile, each detail seamlessly contributed to a harmonious transformation, uniting the building's interior with its surrounding exterior in an elegantly unique manner.
At the heart of our philosophy lies the concept of continuity of experience. As designers, our mindfulness extends beyond the confines of interior spaces; we meticulously consider the context, the architecture of the building, and the essence of "Genius Loci" or "The Spirit of the Place." Moreover, we prioritize the daily use and comfort of the residents, striving to create spaces that resonate with their lifestyles and elevate their daily living experiences.
In essence, our approach encompasses a holistic understanding of the project, transcending mere aesthetics to cultivate an environment that exudes a harmonious blend of functionality, artistry, and emotional connection. We firmly believe that great design thrives when it honors the unique essence of a space, enriching the lives of those who inhabit it.


The design of the corridor is made in accordance with the style of the lobby. Combination of brown and warm neutral tones. Our Interior Design company offered two options for the corridor design. Warmer beige materials were used in the first option. In the second version, colder shades of greenish tones were used.