We developed a concept for the renovation of the interiors of common areas in a multi-storey residential building in Toronto. The project included interior design of the driveway entrance to the building; Ground floor lobby area; typical elevator lobbies and common corridors. For the main entrance, we have proposed to replace existing finishes in order to create a more dynamic, contemporary approach and frame the experience of entering the space. We suggested using contrasting paving slabs for the functional division of the territory. For the ceiling, we used stainless steel soffit panels with built-in LED lights. We have replaced the existing granite finish with textured stone mosaic tile in order to give more drama and an air of luxury to the entrance area, we added a bright color sculpture to provide a focal point and attract the eye from the saturated urban environment, as well as to provide a local landmark.


In the lobby interior design concept, we proposed to create a modern minimalist interior. We used finishing materials with natural textures. Floor porcelain tile with gray stone texture, wooden panels, marble slab used for the space in order to create a clean striking interior and modernize the concierge desk. When designing the interior spaces, we paid special attention to lighting. To add dynamism to the interior, we used indirect lighting as well as functional downlights to proper envelop the space with balanced illumination.


Our company has developed two corridor interior design concepts. In the first concept, we used a contrasting combination of materials, with a predominantly warm color palette. The second concept is an understated color palette with predominantly cooler tones.