We have been developing this concept for a building re-imagining and are excited to showcase our results so far! This project comprises of proposal to refurbish common elements in this high-rise Residential Condominium in Toronto
The main task was to create a modern design that would be harmoniously combined with the existing exterior style of the residential complex, while showcasing the brand of the Condominium complex. In the interior decoration, it was decided to use materials with natural textures: wooden slats and wall panels, porcelain stoneware with a stone texture. The uniqueness of the design of the lobby of a multi-storey residential building is achieved by combining the use of wooden slats and hidden LED lighting. The color scheme is dominated by warm earth tones, while incorporating existing tile .


We had a lot of fun envisioning the transformation of this Party Room. The concept includes the new Kitchen & Bar area, new lounge seating and furniture.
For the Design of Millwork and Feature walls in the space - we opted for darker tones that would translate the aesthetic in the Lobby and carry the concept forward to a crescendo in the daring finishes selection, fun furniture and stunning artwork contrast.


The design of the corridor is made in accordance with the style of the lobby. Combination of brown and warm neutral tones. Our Interior Design company offered two options for the corridor design. Warmer beige materials were used in the first option. In the second version, colder shades of greenish tones were used.