In designing this modern dental office, our team took a deep dive into how colors and subtle lighting can change the way we see and feel about a space. We've chosen mostly neutral colors for our palette, putting a fresh spin on the typical "Medical Blue" by mixing in a soft blue with hints of gold and metallic, balanced by calm greys. This mix aims to create a peaceful and clean atmosphere.
We also thought about an alternative style that uses bolder colors and different placements of decorative elements, which really changes up the vibe and makes the space feel new and exciting.
One of the trickiest parts was making a small reception area feel welcoming and spacious, almost like walking into a spa, rather than a cramped office. We managed this by cleverly placing lighting behind seating and the reception desk, giving off a gentle glow that makes the area feel larger and more inviting, avoiding the harsh feel of typical overhead lights.
We encourage you to check out the two design approaches we've come up with. They're a great example of how the right use of color and light can completely transform how a space looks and feels.