When our team at De Style Design set to working on the concept of interior design of dental clinic, we kept in mind that our clients wanted to create a healthcare space which is bright, nurturing and welcoming.
Natural daylight is present only in the front of the unit and in our design for ceilings and lighting, our objective was to carry the impression of brightness and openness into the core of the clinical space. Opting for decorative bulkheads with indirect lighting was the best way to create an illusion of daylight, while also breaking up the monotony of the treatment corridors.
Creative treatment in the geometry of the front desk, along with complimentary ceiling and flooring inlays, helps funnel traffic into the space without the desk appearing as a barrier upon entrance. Reception feature wall creates a subtle texture, which is mimicked by the angular design of the desk and ceiling treatments – carving out the new environment from the cubical volume of space.
Providing the finishing touches is an important part of the process, so we collaborated with local photographer Elena Berdova to coordinate artwork appropriate for the space and providing the needed touch of colour in key areas.