When our team at De Style Design undertook the project of designing a dental clinic in Toronto, our primary focus was on visually conveying the concept of "finesse" to its visitors.
In line with the clinic's name and branding approach, we carefully selected materials that exuded opulence. The combination of natural woods and brass inlays was employed to showcase the meticulous attention to detail that patients would expect from this practice.
One of our key objectives was to create a strong visual impact that would distinguish the clinic amidst the bustling streetscape. We aimed to blur the line between a dental office and an art gallery, prompting visitors to question the purpose of the space. This achievement signifies the successful implementation of our design requirements.
In addition to the striking visual appeal, we were mindful of the practical application of materials. Porcelain was chosen for the flooring to ensure durability against foot traffic from the street, laminate panels were used for the wood finishes, and the reception desk was clad with quartz to provide both functionality and durability.
Given the limitations of the ceiling height, we employed a layered approach to create visual interest and enhance the perceived height. Contrasting materials and an accent light were strategically placed to draw attention to the higher portion of the ceiling. This technique not only added dimension but also contributed to the overall visual appeal of the space.
Interior design of the reception of the dental clinic
Interior design of the reception of the dental clinic
The remaining areas of the clinic were designed to support and complement the reception area. Room layouts were carefully planned to maximize space utilization and facilitate smooth circulation throughout the interior.
To showcase the clinic's state-of-the-art equipment, we opted for an open sterilization area accessible to the public. This decision allows visitors to witness the advanced technology in use, enhancing the overall impression of the clinic.
The combination of materials we selected embodies refinement, sophistication, and timelessness, creating an ambiance that feels both established and relevant for years to come.