This impressive Highrise boasts 33 floors and three different corridor configurations, not including the Sky Club space and amenities space on the top floors. When examining the project for preliminary ideas, we instantly noted the configuration of the floor plate which lends itself to some exciting Design solutions. Articulating the typical Elevator Lobby with custom designed wall paneling system and unique carpet design allowed us to express the importance of this area as a key point of arrival. In the series of transitions from the exterior to the interior spaces it is crucial to keep in mind areas that will lead to the most return on investment and yield the best impact on residents and prospective buyers alike!
When looking at the material package – the dramatic Architecture of the building lends itself well to grand gestures and high-end materials. The suite doors have been substantially enhanced with use of new solid wood framing, mirrors, and film, as well as an individual unit display area for each resident to showcase their personal flair. A truly majestic environment!