An Art Deco Architectural Toronto landmark is always an exciting context to any Design solution! Especially one that has been featured in a major Hollywood Motion picture following the refurbishment (call us to inquire which one, and we will tell you)!!

When considering the Design Elements fir this space we were focusing on elements which will enhance the existing beauty of the building, almost a surgical intervention to correct for balance and proportion. Existing wood paneling and suite doors have been enhanced, floor and paint finishes tweaked, and concierge desk – corrected for Barrier Free compliance, look and lack of the ever-illusive focal point. The curvilinear staircase in the lobby is a major attraction, but also takes away from the beating heart of the Lobby – the Concierge Desk!


We ensured it is back on the center stage – with a custom designed, backlit panel – featuring the building logo, as well as reworked Art Deco detail from the building exterior railings.