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Is a place where every day is an opportunity to create amazing experiences.


Over a decade of Design & Management experience.


Our technical expertise and fresh ideas to create spaces that are unique and built to last


We design with you in mind, coming up with a plan to suit your marketing strategy, schedule and budgetary goals


"Design is where Science and Art break even" - Robin Mathew


"The only important thing about Design is how it relates to people" - Victor Papanek

Space Planning and Schematic Design

We will examine your space and develop preliminary layout plans, in order to place correctly the functional areas for your practice. This information will provide guidance as to the existing and proposed usage, development potential and will help solidify your short and long term goal for the space.

Contract Documents

Following approval to proceed with a selected layout plan, we will proceed developing the ceiling plans and specifications, cabinetry and millwork drawings, Architectural Interior elevations, hardware and door schedules. This information, along with Mechanical and Electrical Engineering drawings, will be required to establish a scope of work by the General Contractors, and provide accurate pricing for your project.

Permit Submission

If required, we can coordinate the process of submission of all the Drawings and Specifications on your behalf, in order to apply for a Building Permit with local authorities. This will include obtaining Drawings and Specifications from Engineering Consultants, review for Building Code Compliance and submission to the City. Please note, fees for Permit processing are goverend by local authorities and will depend on scope and size of project.

Tender Administration

The process involves issuing the contract documents to interested General Contractors for bidding. When necessary, we will also issue a document entitled ìInstructions to Biddersî which outlines the project description, contacts and general requirements that the GC will have to meet should they be awarded the project.

Value Engineering

Following selection of the General Contractor and finalizing Contract Documentation, we review the final specifications and determine whether there are any possibilities for cost savings on the project, without compromising the Design Intent. This process may produce savings, depending on suggestions and trade connections brought to the table by the General Contractor.

Contract Administration

Contract Administration is a phase where we administer your Contract for Construction with the General Contractor. As part of this process, we will represent your interests during construction; visit the site on regular progress meetings and review General Contractor's application for progress payments.

The Team & Principal Bio

"Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood" - Fabien Barral

The team at De Style Design Inc, comprises of multi-talented individuals with diverse professional backgrounds - ranging from Interior Design to Structural Engineering, who are all passionate about Design! Our Principal and affiliates are professionals who have travelled the world and have formed a global and diverse perspective on Design. We can easily relate to various cultures and heritage values. We are able to translate the unique sensitivities of each of our clients to create the most fulfilling environment that reflects your traditions and suits your needs.
We collaborate extensively with Professionals from Architecture and Mechanical Electrical Enginnering as well as Radiation Consultants, thus being able to provide turn-key services for your Construction and Permit Documentation.

Having established the firm in 2005, Kathryn Gaysinsky is the Principal and Creative Director of the company. Kathryn possesses over a decade of experience in the field of Dental; Medical and Hospitality Interior Design as well as Project Management. Her strength has always been in translating unique concepts, into viable, technically sound and efficient Design Solutions. With solid conceptual background in the field of Architecture, working knowledge of Millwork and Interior Construciton, she has attained an Honours B.A. with distinction from the University of Toronto, and is presently registered with BCIN and ARIDO. Kathryn possesses the breadth of vision to create Design Solutions which answer to the meticulous practical objectives of her clients, while not compromising on Unique concepts and Elegance of implementation. A strong proponent of Continuing Education, Kathryn ensures her team is keeping abreast of all the current trends in the field of Design, as they relate to new materials, methods of application and construction techniques.



"There is no Design without Discipline. There is no Discipline without Intelligence" - Massimo Vignelli

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